This is the excerpt for your very first post.


I am finally free…I spread my wings to the extent of my writings.

Grace me with more knowledge and let me be embraced by the teachings of the fellow bloggers. 

Dearest world, I’m here 👋🙏👼

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She Runs.

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Feelings overwhelm her, she hides from feeling anything real. Terrified to be eaten alive by the waves she feels inside. She calls it “the demons”…it feels better when she feeds them off by absorbing other people’s pain. It keeps her steady knowing that she isn’t alone.

Denial is her second nature when hell breaks lose, she unleashes it all and back when vulnerability runs her dry. It’s the only way she knows how, but she forgets she comes off as misunderstood. A lot of audience never gets how much pain she carries, they get satisfied by the words she utters and they forget about the scars that bothered to take a chance.


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Short story: Meet me


Later on I was going to meet up with him. I had talked to my self to not giving away too much, too soon. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what that meant too.

Damn I looked so good, I made it to be a point. I had forgotten all about the talk or not that I made with my self. In fact he had sweetened me to all my expectations. It was impressive the way he would act and handle me,it was more like he had been given a glimpse in all ways he could treat me and I was just dying for more.

When he put his hands on me, it was as if he’s touching my whole body. His kisses were everything I could want , and more. His lips were soft, juicy and smooth: I caught myself thinking “I could literally just do this forever”. He was that good at what he was doing with me.

Though it was more than just a kiss, it was like our souls were intertwining as we exchanged the passion we had for each other. He expressed his infatuation like any best man would, making my toes curl and my body shivering, crying out loud for the ecstasy it felt.

As I was moaning out, reality set in…I was only just dreaming!


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Sometimes I’m unconscious…I lay awake and my mind won’t give me rest. I see the days, the only days I’m the happiest and yet…brutally wounded inside. You left me with no goodbyes, I search for you in my dreams but even there…you are like a ghost. A ghost that haunts me even when I’m asleep.

How do I get rid of you…I ask myself laying there,  so still… like I’m going to even choke on my thoughts. You the sickness that won’t have enough,  you drain me out like a beast so hungry at all times. Somebody wake me up, I’m having a nightmare.

I fight those demons letting me think you cared, pardon me but it was more hard thinking otherwise. I had to shake my head, you surprise me. I was right there infront of you and you couldn’t even see me. You gotta feed a soul , I’m dying of hunger.


Late Nights


I wanted these late nights to end…All these desperate times and yearnings to just be fulfilled. I needed to feel you now, and stop talking. I didn’t want you to say anything because your words were everything I didn’t want to hear. I just needed to feel you.

Somehow it get the best of me that I’d be satisfied with that than hear you say more. I grow insanely tired of being okay one moment, and be miserable the other. I’m having a tough call to getting you outta my mind.

I want my mornings to start with you besides me or you inside me. Good mornings, great days…anything besides these late nights alone. Anything but these memories of what we were supposed to be. Anything but these dreams of the person who isn’t coming back, saying words I’ll never hear.

I imagine you finally picking up the phone, or coming to see me and tell me I love you…finally doing everything you can to have us back, but right now you don’t care enough to fight for me to begin with.

I just wanted it to end. I wanted to sleep happy and wake up happy,  and right now that’s only happening if I’m yours to love again. But instead…I stay up at night wondering…

Am I ever going to move on cause these feelings seem to be the stronger thing than my will to breathe?


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The Love Of My Life


Dear You

I could have met you the day I was able to recognise beauty, not necessarily wiser or mature…even if I was just a kid. I think I would have loved to know you still. Do get me right, I lived my childhood to the fulfillment that I could. But you just fit right in with me, that I wish I had waaay more time even before now.

Crazy, but as days go by now…I am saddened by the day you’d say goodbye for a while. I honestly can’t bear even the thought of it. The reality of it just seems too much for me, how can I live without you around me. Especially knowing that you have to be somewhere else rather than be by my side. I support what you do but can’t I be selfish and ask you to stay my love..?

I don’t want you to go,  I don’t want to sleep alone at night, but you have to,  I know…but I miss you already and it’s only two months away until you actually leave. Yes I’m embracing and cherishing every second with you now but you’re the biggest joy in my life. Sleeping and waking up next to you is everything to me. I look forward to that each time.

And when I’m asleep, waking up to your embrace of touches,  your arms wrapped around my body and your kisses to the places I can’t kiss myself. I feel safe with you and complete too. So well, I’ll continue to live in the moment ’til the day cause that’s what we got right now and another lifetime together when we finally never have to be away from home.