I am finally free…I spread my wings to the extent of my writings.

Grace me with more knowledge and let me be embraced by the teachings of the fellow bloggers. 

Dearest world, I’m here 👋🙏👼

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Starved morning


Convinced I was making a progress, I wasn’t thinking about you since I made a fool of myself and told you that I was thinking about you, with a bottle in my hand. I had promised myself you weren’t worth any of my time I spend thinking about you, wishing we could be more than what is.

Friends kept asking about you, but I refused the pleasure of saying your name. I refused you any chance of being a topic even if it was just for a minute. I was doing well I swear, I could spend days not even thinking of you. I stopped checking your updates, I blocked you and deleted your numbers.

You were nothing but a lifeless memory until one morning…just that one morning I dreamed of you. All the dream did was to make it feel real and I woke up realizing I was fucked. It felt like I went 100 feels backwards to thinking of you. Now I’m back missing you and wishing we could have a chance.

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Short story : Conquered a fear- p2

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As I walked, my heart quickened, but suddenly it became cold as I realized he wasn’t there at the spot…it was disappointing but I still had my hopes up. Just maybe he’s already inside the lift. Unfortunately I never saw him that day, I felt so sad and quite worried if everything was okay with him. Knowing everyday he would be there. I was dragging myself to my apartment and when I arrived there, all I did was work. I poured myself wine and decided to read a romantic novel, very wild and erotic. It was exciting to read, and I started touching myself while reading. I thought of his smile, his dark, chocolate skin…he was hairy too – so manly for my liking.

He was sexy as hell too. I started thinking of him naked, I moan and the thoughts of him kissing my neck, down to my breast. His lips feeling so smooth and juicy, the guy was deep and he was taking charge of me. I fell asleep with the book in my hands and sweet morning it was! Shit I was late…The day took long because I was dreadfully wishing for it to end, I was exhausted. There he was, a broad smile invited me and I forgot how dissatisfied it was yesterday that I didn’t see him when all I looked forward to was that. He offered me my time and pass to get in the lift, “tradition”, I said”. No, more like something I look forward to by this time, Michaela, right…?” I blushed…”yes, Sean…nice to finally exchange words with you”.

As I said that, he effortlessly guides my body to the elevator, and I’m aware of his warmth touch that it sends through my body. “Nice hair cut, it looks amazing on you…I like it”. His acknowledgment sends a shiver racing across my skin. I was looking at his lips and all I could think was…if only you knew the crazy and wild thoughts I had of you lastnight. “Thanks, I felt like change…” , “well, you rocking it”, as he stepped close and as I was facing up…he was right in front of me, very close and as I was still unsure how to handle myself, restraining from jumping at him and doing all I’m thinking about. My insides curl.

He’s inches closer and he’s in my face, all body to body and cologne. He stops the elevator, he says…”I’ve always been so afraid of these things, but right now you look so damn sexy, I don’t even care what happens…I want you…and I’m going to have you…as he cups me close…right here and right now”. I didn’t say anything back, I was literally dying for him to do whatever he wants to me. He kisses me, so hard and hungrily. My breath seized as he cups the warmth of my neck.

…I was gasping in between and ripping him off his shirt to myself. I was so turned on and wanting him so bad, my mind was confessing “I love you, take me…”. As he pulled my skirt up and took me into his arms…I cried out, “ooh you’re so sexy…take me”,  instead. He didnt waste much time as he did slide my thong on the side, and entered me…so hard, my legs were wrapped around him, and I could feel them trembling. He felt so good, he was doing me good…I heard him say…”I now thank God for the elevators, you’re incredible Michaela “, as he drowns his face on my breasts.

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Short story : Conquered a fear


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It was about the way he looked at me, so persistent at always allowing me to get in the lift first,  he was gentlemanly about it…of course. I just didn’t get why it seemed as if he’d wait for me every 5 o’clock of each days. For the first time he looked at me like he had much purpose and kept smiling, at first I was trying to be ignorant about it. Until he said…”I’m terrified of being in a lift, but you always make me feel calm when you in it too”. My cheeks flushed, I then looked at him…the guy was fine! His smile was something I wasn’t sure how I had missed that for almost a month now…seeing him after work – almost everyday,  same time and same elevator.

He always smells good too…all I could do was just smile. Suddenly I started feeling nervous as he looked right straight to me. My insides collapsed into a warm, sort of cold sensation. Is it possible he has such quick effect on me already? -Thank goodness the lift opened up and other people went in on it too and it wasn’t long I was at my apartment floor. I was on my red stilettos and when I stepped out…I made sure I walked that walk. I couldn’t look back cause I could feel all his eyes on me. I then wondered which floor he stayed at. I brushed the thought off when I realized I just passed my own door. I don’t usually get so interested at first real glance, but those beautiful teeth made an impression.

I laid in bed thinking about him, I kept trying to think back when I met him. It was such a day for me…my bossy boss had given me hell all day with my deadline; and he practically begged me to cover for Lisa on her deadline too since she had to take a leave of immediate effect. And just when I thought the day couldn’t go any crazier,  I had a punched tie- driving, heading home…and it rained when I then decided to take a cab. I remember soaking wet and I was wearing my favourite bandage dress, I remember how every man and most ladies couldn’t stop staring when I ran to get to the hotel. It was such a show! It was then I met the gentleman, he escorted me to the lift and the habit started from then.

For once, in a very long time…I look forward to the next day…in specific to 5 o’clock. I’ll see him again. I feel good. I must look good too…as I put on “my pick-me-up lipstick”, my favourite red! I decided to go for a nice haircut before work and yes, I looked sexy and gorgeous. I could tell! Somehow the day went light and good, the pressure at work seem to be nothing and it was time to take off. I wished everyone a good evening and safe travels like I was a kid excited for the sweetest, promised cake after dinner. As I parked my car, I couldn’t wait to see him. I walked smiling and listening to music in my phone. I thought it made a good excuse for him to be close to me in order to approach me obviously and we can be in full attention to each other.

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I remember how it felt like the day he made me feel like I was nothing. Lying to me and wasn’t even moved even when I asked questions looking at him in his eyes. Obviously I didn’t stood that low because I still had a fight in me. I was begging myself not too, only did I knew…it was just the beginning of the glimpse of life. It made me wonder if we all that damaged, not that we all are. But they’re similarities we go thru. I wondered if we missed something in our childhood lives, if the love that we think we have and offer, is it the love that was portrayed to us when we were little?

Are we failing to love ourselves enough just because we weren’t taught how to from the beginning?. Are we lost souls which think they got  what it takes to love and nurture, or we just trying to close up the void of misplaced love? Love and nurture we were suppose to be given and have it engraved to us from our own parents…Men and women are being abusive to their partners, their own children, coming home late at night , or not showing up at all. Getting played over and over…but still give chances after chances…

A lot goes on , and some women are beaten up, and they still stay in relationships that toxic. Most victims think that “their significant partners will change, make excuses for them that they were the one’s who were wrong, I’ll avoid this and that, so he never gets to that point”…we get cheated on and think that’s the normalcy of relationship life nowadays or it was always that way before we were even born. Almost like it’s acceptable when you find your man cheating on you, some men too with their women…but with all of that, are we missing something?

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Maybe one day I won’t write about you…I won’t spend my days thinking of you. But here I am, going day to day…hoping you think of me too. That you would call, or text me to just check how I am. At least that’s all it can start all over again.

Maybe one day I will forget you. I really wish I could. I’d be more peaceful cause I wouldn’t have to think about you so damn much. I’d learn to forget you, learn to just stay away. Keep my distance. I’d learn to be without you.

Maybe right, but it sucks right now because that’s all I got…the memories and the thoughts of you. But just maybe…

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Short story: Good game, which one of us won?


We started off as nothing…well we still nothing, but memories. I met you when I wasn’t looking, having fun with the girls and you were there. You gave me no chance to slip away, you insisted I give you a minute. It was then another night which started things. We had drinks after drinks, damn I was so tipsy…but it wasn’t the alcohol that drew me to you. We just had that vibe together, the talk, the laughs, the eyeing, the check me up – now and then phase was a sweet deal. It’s like you were briefed about how to treat me that night, but I figure that’s how you do.

You then asked me when will it be appropriate to kiss me and that was a way to everything sweet that night. What was your name again?…Travis – your body, your smile, the way you were so attentive to my every move. I could see that you were drawn in me and I liked that. We danced, but we didn’t do much of that than talking, touching and kissing away the night full of people…it’s like we’d get lost in moments between. Our one night stand grew to us talking , making plans of us seeing each other again. We were nothing but strangers who became so infatuated with each other, our thing was sweet and dangerous too.

Months went by and I still couldn’t get you off of my mind, you were somebody I could see myself with and at the same time…all I needed was just a company as yours. I didn’t bother searching for it from other meaningless bodies around me, you had that effect on me. Perhaps I just didn’t want to lose that feeling about you. I bothered my friends about you almost every single day, I’d lay thinking about you and wondered if you did too. I didn’t care for other things on the side, I just wanted you one more time…or was I fooling myself?

Well, until the day came when I couldn’t hold it any longer, I pondered on texting or calling you. I wasn’t sure what to say, I was terrified if you did want to hear from me again or you had forgotten about me. With all of that, I still needed to be sure regardless. Crazy how you make me feel, it’s a bug really! I tried ignoring the thoughts and the urge of contacting you, God I never went such silly miles for someone I wasn’t sure about in my life. Sweet! I met you again, I was so nervous out of my mind and yet the moment I was with you…it all went away. I still felt a bit shy, but my inner goddess was dancing to her glorious, sweet feels.

You were as good as I remembered, every feel and touch of you was good enough to make me addicted. You felt somewhat home. Ridiculous right?…It was confusing, and yet it was the best feeling I was yearning for. I can still taste you, and every time I close my eyes at night, you are right there. You cuddled with me day and night, you gave me goosebumps every time you gave me unexpected kisses. The way you laugh, it’s contagious…I could watch you do that for a lifetime! If I started on how you made love to me, I’m afraid I might not stop.

You were amazing, totally mind blown. The way you’d give pleasure to my sex…wow…no one ever made me feel like that! You had me come in more ways that I could count, in just one round and that was enough for me. I mean obviously I’d overdose on you any day. Ow well, I don’t think I have any other chance now. I think of you still, day and night – I still dream about you. You asked me if I thought I was in love with you…I said “I don’t know”…

…Was that the biggest lie I ever told you?

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Thando 20180627_205120

He could be feeling somethings, someone, but the loneliness that screams out of him makes him feel shut.

On the other hand…

She’s lonely that the chaotic place, full of people is as silent as everything inside her.

Pretty much of a sad world, wouldn’t you say?

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